23metre High Speed Ferry

 Construction is well underway of our new 23m high speed, aluminium catamaran ferry at our Thailand facility, with a delivery date of November 2019. This performance proven vessel will be in service in West Africa.

The hull is suitable for offshore services, with fuel consumption being top of the range against competitors. As an example ‘Legacy’ (which is its sister boat) operates daily at 23 knots cruise speed, at 1800rpm (65%MCR) with fuel consumption less than 75 Litres per hour, per engine when fully loaded. Legacy’s top speed is 28knots @ 2350rpm, with twin 740 H.P. MTU engines.

The deckhouse is now being configured as a low profile ferry/cruise version similar to Legacy. The vessel structure is designed to Lloyds SSC Passenger Catamaran G2 rules and built to comply with Australian NSCV.


  • The hull form has been optimized for excellent fuel efficiency and low wash characteristics at operational speeds.
  • Modern, intelligent systems will support robust engineering to provide high redundancy, low maintenance and reliable long term operation.
  • It is intended that the fire, flood and safety systems on-board will represent the latest technology combined with the best industry practices.
  • The cabin arrangement provides comfortable seating and large panoramic windows.
  • The open plan deck arrangement will provide access to all areas for light and ventilation.
  • Large tinted windows provide generous views and ample light whilst reducing heat transfer into the passenger space.
  • Seated passengers will be on the main deck, in air-conditioned comfort and alfresco on the upper decks (with hard top and roll down curtains).
  • The ferry layout design allows for ease in operation – Passengers can safely and quickly load and discharge at fore and aft’ locations.
  • The captain is perfectly positioned to do the docking and oversee the loading and discharge.
  • The vessel will be fitted with twin MTU 8V2000 engines (2 x 965 h.p.) and expected top speed is over 30 knots.
  • The standard propulsion options are prop/shaft with relatively low draft of 1.6 metres fully loaded.
  • This ferry has seating for over 200 persons and will operate in coastal waters.

The vessel is built to Australian NSCU Class 1C (Coastal Ferry) requirements with the design being approved and survey inspections carried out, however  the design can be completed to IACS, USCG, depending on the owners’ requirements.


Hull Deep Vee Catamaran welded marine grade aluminium
Length Overall 23m
Beam Overall 8m
Draft 1.6m
Bottom Plate 6mm
Frames 5mm
Cabin, Sides, Deck 4mm
Main Engines 2 x MTU 8V 2000 Engines ( 2x 865 h.p.)
Gearbox Twin Disc MG x 5136A
Propulsion PROP/SHAFT with Mini Keels
Genset 2 x 60KVA Zenith
Fuel Tank 2 x 3700 LTR
Fresh Water 1 x 400 LTR
Sullage Tank 1 x 400 LTR
Crew 4
Passengers 200 Pax
Classification Australian NSCV
Cruise Speed 25+ Knots
Maximum Speed 30 Knots

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