22metre High Speed Ferry Under Construction

We are excited to announce the awarding of our new 22m high speed ferry design and construction project, currently under construction at our SeaCat Ships located at Ocean Marina Yacht Club Pattaya, Thailand. The brief from the owner was as follows:  A high performance, medium speed passenger catamaran that can operate as an inter-island transporter (of up to 150 passengers) at medium cruise speeds of 22-25 knots and with low horsepower and excellent fuel economy. The vessel must also be strong enough to operate in offshore conditions with excellent sea keeping. The overall objective is to keep it as simple and economical as possible with a total build which is very cost effective.


Hull Deep Vee Catamaran (Marine grade aluminium)
Length Overall 22.10m
Beam Overall 7.00m
Draft 1.75m
Bottom Plate 6 mm
Sides 5mm
Cabin, Sides, Deck 4mm
Main Engines 2 x John Deere Diesel ( 2 x 650 h.p.)
Propulsion 2 x Prop/Shaft with Minikeels
Genset 1 X Zenith 40 KVA
Fuel Tank 2 x 3500 Ltr
Fresh Water 1 x 500 LTR
Sullage Tank 1 x 500 LTR
Design Sea Speed Design
Day Passengers 150 Persons
Classification Australian NSCV Class 1B
Cruise Speed 22-25 knots
Maximum Speed 26-27 knots (approx.)

The vessel will be suitable for offshore services and will run smoothly in rough conditions, thanks to the deep vee hulls and aero foil mini keels (which give great tracking in following seas). We have also utilized new technology in the aluminium construction, which is top secret.

Features Include:

  • The ferry design layout allows for ease in operation – Passengers can safely and quickly load and discharge at the aft’ boarding stations and additionally via beach loading facilities over the bow.
  • The captain is perfectly positioned to do the docking and oversee the loading and discharge. ( 3 station)
  • The vessel is fitted with twin John Deere 6135 SFM85-M4 engines (2 x 650 h.p.) and the top speed is expected to be 26 to 27 knots with a cruising speed of around 22-25 Knots.
  • The propulsion system is standard prop/shaft with our aero foil mini-keels which gives protection to the stern gear and the ability to slip on her own hull and give excellent tracking in following seas.
  • This ferry has seating for over 150 persons and can operate in offshore conditions. 90 passengers seated in air conditioning in the main cabin, 16 Tourist class seats in air-con cabin behind the helm and 48 el fresco seating outside. All the seats are robust aluminium bench seats with the tourist’s seats having waterproof cushions.
  • Modern, intelligent systems support robust engineering to provide high redundancy, low maintenance and reliable long-term operation.
  • The fire, flood and safety systems on-board represent the latest technology combined with the best industry practices.
  • The cabin arrangement provides simple aluminium bench seating with non-skid flooring to allow for easy cleaning.
  • The open plan deck arrangement also provides access to all areas for light and ventilation.
  • Fabricated 400 KG Davit and rescue boat.

This vessel is being designed to Australian NSCV Class 1B (Operating up to 150 NM offshore) The design and construction can be completed to Lloyds, BV, or USCG, depending on the owners’ requirements.