Completion of ‘Bargass 2’

SeaCat Ships is proud to announce the completion of ‘Bargass 2’! We are very pleased with the end product and are 100% confident she will be the perfect solution for a low budget, passenger and goods vessel. These photo’s were taken this morning (Monday the 19th of May) at our SeaCat Ships Boat Shed at Ocean Marina.

‘Bargass 2’ is currently available for purchase; Please email us for more information on this one of a kind Vessel!


Name of Vessel “Bargass2”
Type of Vessel Landing Craft
In Survey to NSCV 2C/1D
Home Port TBA
Hull Construction ALUMINIUM
Superstructure ALUMINIUM
Deck Construction ALUMINIUM
Length Overall 8.55M
Length Waterline 7.46M
Length bp. 8.55M
Beam 3.50M
Draught 400MM
Depth 1.43M
Displacement 3 tonne
Tonnage/s TBA
Tank Guages Dip Stick
Door Winch Warne 2000
Interior Marine Carpet
Lights LED
Anchors 1 X 15 KG Bruce Anchor
Inflatable Liferaft/s 1 x 12Man RFD
Lifebouy 1 x Life Ring
Inflatable Liferaft/s 2 x 20 man
Load Capacity 3 Tonne
Fuel Capacity 2 X 220LTR
Fuel Burn 70/HR @ 25 kn50/HR @ 20 Kn
Freshwater Capacity 1 x 50 LTR
Crew 2
Passengers 37 PERSONS (12 Coastal)
Range 175 NM @ 20KN
Vehicles 1 Pick Up Truck (Max)
Type of operation Tourist, Ferry, Cargo Barge

The 8.8 metre, high speed aluminum landing craft has been approved by Australian commercial vessel standards for coastal service (NSCV Class 2C and 1D). This heavy-duty barge, can accommodate up to 37 passengers or alternatively a 4 wheel drive, a mini bus, a pick-up truck or pallets of goods.

The first edition (bargass) is powered by a single 200 h.p. Suzuki 4 stroke outboard engine, giving a top speed of around 25-26 knots with a light load of 25 Passengers. However the design can accommodate a twin outboard installation and is customized to suit custom requirements.