Details and Specifications of 12M CORAL VIEWER (This design is available for construction)

This 12 meter aluminium “Coral Viewer” was custom made to operate within the tourist industry. The design was computer generated using the latest software and the computer cut ckd is supplied to the builders for fabrication.

Three units of this glass bottom boat have already been delivered, the first was in January 2010, the second in Feburay 2013 and the last in 2015. The hull form has some good shape allowing for operation in choppy seas and the wide beam gives great stability. The design incorporates seven large central viewing boxes separate from the main hull integrity, which can be taken out while the vessel is in the water. The kit includes one spare box as a back up.

This is a great little tourist vessel that allows the passengers to appreciate the beauties of the reef and its aquatic life without getting their feet wet.


Length (loa) 12.40 Metres
Length (rule) 11.90 Metres
Length (lwl) 10.96 Metres
Beam 3.77 Metres
Depth .86 Metres
Draft .30 Metres
Passengers 40 Pax
Powerings 2 x 60 h.p. ( Outboards)