Details and Specifications of Magcrew (This design is available for construction)

’Magcrew’ is a 14.4 Metre, heavy duty aluminium crew boat for the recourse industry. This catamaran carries 34 passengers in air-conditioned comfort and 5 pallets of cargo on the aft’ deck. The sea-keeping is typical of the “Seacat” hulls and matched with the extremely strong structural arrangement, exceptional workmanship and welding will ensure extended, problem free operations for the vessel in remote areas.

This design is not light and in fact there is nothing light about these boats. From the structure to the heavy duty rendering, engineering and heavy payload, which was a challenge to achieve the desired operating speed, seakeeping and manoeuvrability. So in this case we chose the planning deep vee hull form with mini-keels and conventional prop’/shaft running gear. The results were fantastic, with such a smooth ride and tracking in sea conditions. The original vessels built to this design was built in accordance with ‘West Australian DOT Survey’ to meet NSCV 1C (Passenger vessel operating in coastal waters) criteria and surveyors from Australia oversaw the construction with regular visits to the yard.

Although the same basic design was utilised, the interior lay-out was slightly different. One version had ferry seating and the other was VIP with tables. Both versions had a fridge and small galley area. The design features forward bow passenger access as well as upper deck on both sides, which is ideal for the proposed crew transfer operations. The aft’ deck is reinforced for the carriage of cargo and has 20 heavy duty tie-down points for the securing of up to 5 pallets.  Powering is via twin Scania 500 hp engines and ZF V drive.


Hall  Deep Vee Catamaran welded marine grade aluminium
Length Overall  14.4m
Beam Overall 5.46m
Draft  1.50m (loaded)
Bottom Plate  6mm
Frames 5mm
Cabin, Sides, Deck 4mm
Main Engines SCANDIA DI 12 60m (510 H.P)
Fuel Tank  2 x 800 LTR
Fresh Water  400 LTR
Sullage Tank 400 LTR
Crew 2
Passengers 32 PAX
Classification Australian NSCV 1C
Cruise Speed 23 knots at 85% MCR
Maximum Speed 27 knots Light, 25 Knots Loaded

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