Details and Specifications of Tobal, Naryn, OB (This design is available for construction)

Tobal, Naryn and OB are high speed, crew boat catamarans that are currently in operation in the Caspian Sea.

“Bue Ob” is the standard 18 metre/50 passenger crew boat catamaran and a sister boat to “Bue Tobol” (launched mid 2005). Powered by twin cat C18 engines (680 h.p.) and doen 220 waterjets this vessel has a top cruising speed of 27 knots.

March 2005, saw the launch and delivery of the 18m and 19m crew boat catamarans both in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In order to meet the owner’s contract requirements and in a race against time to get the boats up to the Caspian before the only access closed (due to the winter icing over) “Bue Naryn” and “Bue Daryn” were shipped over in a semi completed stage to finish in Baku.

Sea trials were very successful in the 1.5 to 2 metre conditions with the catamarans handling well with speeds up to 27 knots.

Special features include low draft of 900mm, fully loaded for the 18 metre / 50 pax versions and an amazing 500mm for the 13 metre/25pax version. Large aft’ open work deck with additional strength to enable load carrying activities. Strict zero discharge capability for environmental considerations. The top of the range work place safety standard and state of the art electronic equipment.

The 18m vessels were built to Lloyds Register +100A1 Passenger Catamaran G3 HSC UMS (150 nautical mile operation).


Length Overall 18.15 M
Beam Overall 6.24 M
Depth  2.05 M
Main Engines 2 X CAT C18
Gearbox Z.F. 5505 C
Fuel Tank 2 X 1500 LTR
Fresh Water 1000 LTR
Sullage Tank 1000 LTR
Crew 2
Passengers 48
Cruise Speed 25 KNOTS
Maximum Speed 28 KNOTS

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