Keel Laying Ceremony for our 22m Stock Boat

Construction is now well under way of our new 22 metre Stock Boat. Last week we celebrated the ‘Keel Laying Ceremony’ which is a tradition celebrated worldwide at this point in the construction process. In Thailand, the ceremony is officiated by a Buddhist Monk and is celebrated by all staff.

In this instance the proven semi-displacement hull is being used as a starting point. This is our best hull in this size range and the deckhouse design is completely brand new. In this case, we are not under direction by an owner and have the freedom to design as we please (not that it is isn’t beneficial to have direction from an experienced operator), it’s just refreshing to do it from scratch. We are trying to come up with something that is modern and also extremely functional.

On the structural side of things, we are trying to make it as easy and fast to build as possible, by using friction welding sections for a lot of the structure. We have developed a new 4mm section to build our structures. These will be supplied to the builder in large plates of 2.4 x12 metre (to fit in 40 foot containers). The design is versatile and can be used as a ferry, tour or dive vessel or even as a pleasure craft. The hull is currently under construction and is available for sale and early delivery.

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