New Spec Boat – 12m to 15m Power Catamaran

SeaCat Ships is proud to announce the commencement of our new 12-15metre Power Catamaran Spec Boat. The vessel is based on the Calypso X1 design, which has proven to be a great Coastal Dive Boat. This high-speed aluminium catamaran has showed excellent performance, time after time.

The original 13metre Power Cat was powered by twin mercury 350 H.P.  four stroke outboard engines, giving a top speed of over 27 knots and a fully loaded speed of 25 knots with 28 divers. The aft’ deck has a fold down platform which can be used for both beach landing and as a snorkelling/dive platform at sea. The dive platform is attached to a fixed platform which extends out past the outboards, which is complemented by three freshwater shower units.

Beside the platform is an aft’ full sized toilet compartment, which is a nice change from the cramped set ups you usually see in similar vessels this size. The foredeck is passenger friendly, with access through a water tight door.

This spec’ boat can accommodate quad 250 H.P. Outboards for a top speed of 36 Knots. The design can also accommodate inboard diesel engines and has been stretched out to 15.6 metres with twin Volvo 330 IPS drives. The results have been impressive, with no reduction in speed and excellent manoeuvrability.

This vessel offers speed, comfort, fuel economy and operational options such as day cruise, dive boat, evening cruise, party boat, ferry, etc. The complete design and kit file has been supplied and the build time is a very short 12 weeks. For more information contact Paul at

Please see below the three different versions of the vessel available for construction!