New Build

We have the facilities and capabilities to build aluminium crafts from 6 to 60 metres in mono-hull, tri-hull or catamaran hull form due to our many years of experience in building all types of crafts. Specializing in the Aluminium Catamaran ‘Sea Cat’ hulls, we have access to an extensive range of proven hull designs which can be modified and fitted out to suit our client’s requirements. Below are some samples of designs available.

12 Metre Catamaran

24 Metre Catamaran

16 Metre Catamaran

High Quality Workmanship

These include: Pleasure Crafts, Yachts, Ferries, Tourist Cruise and Dive boats. We also possess the capability of building aluminum bespoke as well as specialized client designs. Using Australian ‘state of the art’ design and construction technology in association with international supervisors, experience has been gained over 35 years in the boat building industry, specializing in everything from Mega Yachts to Ferries. This, combined with our highly trained and skilled Thai craftsman, ensures high quality at a reasonable price. SeaCat Ships is BOI approved which allows us to import the highest quality products from around the world, duty free and export duty free.

SeaCat Ships offers custom designed and built aluminium vessels. Crafting high-performance aluminum boats in the heart of Asia. Redefining speed, comfort and affordability at sea.