Repair and Re-fit

We provide repair and re-fit services at our facility in Ocean Marina Yacht Club situated near Pattaya, Thailand (which is one of the largest in South East Asia). The facility includes a 70 and 30 Tonne shiplift, large indoor and hardstand and Marina. We can carry out complete a full overhaul to simple welding and repair services.

Re-fit and Painting

Aluminium sofa built with full fair and paint

Interior Fit-out

Services Included

  • Aluminium repair and re-fit services
  • Engineering and repower service
  • Electrical re-fit and repair
  • Hydraulic system installation and repair
  • Painting and full fairing including Algrip
  • Teak decks, timber work using local craftsmen
  • Stainless steel work including handrails and custom fittings
  • General fabrication and part sub-contracting

SeaCat Ships offers high quality re-fit and repair services. Crafting high-performance boats in the heart of Asia. Redefining comfort and affordability at sea.