9.6M Aluminium Rescue Boat/Workboat

SeaCat Ships Co., Ltd. proudly announces the successful completion of the construction of a cutting-edge for Ocean Marina in Thailand.

Designed with versatility in mind, this rescue boat serves a multitude of purposes both within and beyond the marina. Its capabilities extend beyond traditional rescue operations, encompassing various functions:

  1. Rescue Operations: Equipped to respond swiftly and efficiently to emergencies, including the ability to tow boats that have encountered mechanical issues.
  2. Fire Response: Featuring a dedicated fire pump and hoses, the rescue boat is prepared to tackle fire emergencies on the water.
  3. Black Water Pumpout: Contributing to environmental sustainability, the vessel can navigate the marina to facilitate the pump-out of black water tanks.
  4. Mooring Service Barge: Designed for versatility, the boat can service the moorings holding port and starboard navigational marks.
  5. Beach Landing: Supporting events to the islands, such as beach clean-ups and barbecues, the boat is adept at beach landings.

This award-winning rescue boat/workboat boasts a heavy-duty, aluminium plate landing craft design, approved by the Australian commercial vessel standards (NSCV Class 2C for a passenger vessel). Notably, this marks the ninth landing craft of its kind produced by SeaCat Ships, attesting to its popularity among customers.

The vessel’s design is celebrated for its unmatched versatility, stability, and speed. Powered by twin 140 h.p. Suzuki 4 Stroke Outboard engines, it achieves an impressive top speed of 32 knots. SeaCat Ships remains committed to delivering innovative and reliable maritime solutions, and this latest creation exemplifies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of excellence in boat design and functionality.


Name of Vessel Rescue Boat
Hull Construction ALUMINIUM
Deck Construction ALUMINIUM
Length Overall 9.60M
Length Waterline 8.26M
Beam 3.50M
Draught 400MM
Displacement 3 Tonne
Load Capacity 3 Tonne
Fuel Capacity 2 X 220LTR
Range 175 NM @ 20KN
  Door Winch Warne 2000
  Interior Painted Jotun
  Anchor 1 x 20 KG SHHP Anchor
  Powering 2 x Suzuki 4 Stroke 140 H.P. Outboards
  Lifebouy 2 x Life Rings
  GPS Simrad
  Crew 6 persons

9.6M Aluminium Rescue Boat/Workboat